where the heck have i been??

Well, I've been working a lot more at Loops, so that's the biggest chunk of it. And you know how life gets in the way of the living you'd rather be doing... Oh, well...

In the few free times hidden away, I've accomplished quite a few things, such as...

This blanket for a friend's baby. She had a boy after 3 girls... and after thinking the whole pregnancy that this was a girl, too... Needless to say, they needed a boyish quilt in their house!

And then I made this for a friend/coworker to give to one of her friends whose baby is due soon. The nursery theme is outdoors, hunting, etc., and my friend said this one was the coolest one at the shower. Yay!

I'm quite addicted to swaps, too...

The Scrappy {Strip} Swap on Flickr was fun. I traded these strips and sent them to an international point as yet unknown. (I have to remember next time that international things take longer, so I shouldn't wait for the due date to send. Sorry, partner!)

And then there was the Savvy {Seasons} Swap. Mine's just going out today, after a hectic week and a few design setbacks... For instance. When you use Elmer's glue, it doesn't really work well at all. There's a reason only school kids use it and not very successfully, I might add. Too runny, not tacky enough, and long in drying at the end. Sigh. Lesson learned. You can't always use just whatever's already on hand. But partner, it'll be winging (wheeling?) its way to you today!
A few sneak peeks...

Then there was the [3 x 6] Sampler Quilt Mini Bee. I was a glutton for punishment and did an entirely too time-consuming square to send to my 6 partners in my "beehive." They turned out really cool, but this round of the bee will use a MUCH simpler square than all that cutting, gluing (yes, gluing), handsewing, ripping out, machine appliqueing... But my partners got pretty rockin' squares, if I do say so myself. :-)

And that's what I've been up to! Well, among other things. And over a period of time. The squares I started months ago. The lights I made this week. All the rest was somewhere in between. Not nearly enough creativity time for my liking, but now that my window's open, the a/c isn't running, and the clouds are in the sky, this is my time of year! I'm ready to do more with my Etsy shop, to hole up at home as much as possible, and to enjoy the fall and winter!

Let the creativity begin! (continue?)

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