another fun-filled evening....

auction dinner04
Last night was our 4th time to go to the "dinner with the principal" that is always up for bid at our school's silent auction. It's become a tradition and I always insist on bidding on the dinner.

auction dinner01

Ten couples battle it out to win a wonderful evening in someone's back yard (loosely defined. It's always a magazine-worthy poolside place or cozy yard with exquisite landscaping... Sure not like MY back yard!!) with elegantly placed tables, delicious and ample food, top-notch service, and endless glasses of "special water" (water with mint, lemons, limes, and oranges), wine, beer, and margaritas. The dinner is hosted by 5 couples who go all out with food, decorations, fancy invitations.... the whole nine yards.
auction dinner03 auction dinner11

This year's theme was a backyard picnic. We played horseshoes and washers; mason jars full of Queen Anne's lace, marigolds, and zinnias from the farmer's market were on the tables; fried chicken and gourmet cole slaw were served... One of the couples hosted it in their beautiful backyard and their equally beautiful home.
auction dinner06
auction dinner05
Thanks, Mayo party parents, for another highly successful and entertaining evening with a few couples who have become our friends over the last 5 years, not just random parents to our kids' schoolmates. Although I truly loved being a military brat, this is something we just didn't have growing up. It's nice to have primarily the same kids and families in our little circle each year; relationships can grow so much closer and stronger over time, and we value our Mayo friends!

auction dinner10 auction dinner09