well, crap....

I'm no web designer.
Note to self: when Brad's sick in bed with a fever for the weekend, don't try to change your own blog's appearance if you have to tweak half a dozen templates and search through code you don't understand.
So, prettiness will be back later. As soon as Brad's feeling better and is able to rescue his web-ignorant wife. :-)

Frazzled Friday

It's been two weeks since I last made contact with civilization....

Okay, it's not that bad. And it's almost over. But even though I still LOVE snow and cold weather, I have decided that I do NOT like to be stranded at home for 4 days straight. It was fun for the first couple of days and was a total license to do nothing if I wanted to do nothing.

Then it started to get annoying to pick the same blanket up off of the living room floor for the 10th time that day or trip over the snow pants and boots that didn't have a mudroom in which to hang...

The weekend was a nice break, and then it hit us again. And again, it was fun. For about a day. Now the "I'm bored.... Mom, will you play with me?.... I don't WANT to read a stupid book... Why CAN'T we sleep in the living room tonight?... I don't want to go outside.... He won't leave me alone!" has worn on my nerves for one too many days. I'm ready for things to be "normal" again.

I know that the summer is 6 times this long and is a temperature I HATE, plus I'm a strong believer in a continuous learning (year round) schedule, so this should be easy for me to handle these last 2 weeks. BUT, even though I love the weather and all, I don't like that I can't get out in it very well in my current automotive situation, and I don't like the unexpected "have fun! Your kids are home for 2 weeks!" surprise that I didn't plan for. If I'd planned out the break like I do Spring Break or Summer Break, or at least mentally prepared myself for it, I'd be better off. Not so much this week. There's no schedule. There's no list of chores or limit on the TV. This mom has kicked into survival mode for a day or two and does NOT want to play Halo Reach again, thank you very much. Moms don't do well with first person war video games. Or apparently Mario Brothers 3, World 8. "Don't do that world, Aric. Mom's not ready for it yet." Thanks.

But I did read all of my book that I got Tuesday night in anticipation of that night's snow. The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels(Why is the image so freaking huge? Don't know. Don't care to try to edit it a 4th... 5th?... time to figure it out. ) is an awesome book with a lot of insight. And comedy. And romance. And has me wishing all the more that we lived somewhere other than the middle of town. Ahh, acre or so in the "country" with a Starbucks and a Target still within 15 or 20 minutes, where are you? And nest egg that will get us that acre? Where are YOU?

This morning, I'm tidying up the not-so-tidy house (and blogging...), then we're going to see Gnomeo and Juliet before we pick Brad up from work and go order a sofa for our living room. We waited for a check from one of Brad's side web jobs, and now we're getting a sectional so that we're not all fighting for the only seats in the room. Aaah! Nice! Too bad that it'll take 2 or 3 weeks to arrive. Bummer. But the end is in sight, right? And the boys will be back in school in the meantime, so all is well. :-)

Lest anyone criticize the city for their efforts to remove the immense snow we've had lately, this Yankee transport is actually proud of their accomplishments this year. That's a first. Seriously, our average snowfall for a YEAR is 9.1 inches. We've gotten approximately 25 inches in the last month! In the past, I've gone off on the city for their usual "do very little about it and wait for it to melt" approach. This year, I think they've done as good a job as a semi-southern state can do at removing two friggin' feet of snow from an entire city.

The whiny butts who are crying that they still can't get out of their driveways need to stop and think for a minute. Forty-seventh largest city in the United States plus 30-some-odd snowplows (I've also heard 50ish. Either way...) .... really? You expect them to plow out your neighborhood streets?? Come on. Think that one through. While their idea of priority areas in an entire city and your idea of them may differ, your little cul-de-sac does NOT belong on either list. Be reasonable. That's a LOT of mileage if they drove down every neighborhood street in the city... twice if we wanted both lanes/directions cleared... Give me a break.

Okay. Venting over. Now then. Some cool pictures....

Brad works at the Port of Catoosa, and we took him to work yesterday and got to see the trucks load up on salt while we were there. I've always seen the big mountains of salt before, I've known what they were, etc.. But I'd never really paid attention to their massive size, the sheer amount required to salt an entire city, the small dent a whole semi truck's load would make in the pile... no wonder we still use barges and the like to transport things!

I mean, look at that truck!!! How many truckloads of that stuff makes a mountain that size???

Check out all the trucks waiting in line for salt. Brad says that they were lined up by the dozens the other day, early one morning, probably sleeping in their cabs (I always wanted to do that. How is it that I have a trucker for an uncle and I've never ridden along with him and slept in the little bed in the cab??) while they waited for their turns.

Then it's hauled away to wherever we keep our salt in each city or town, and later it's used on the streets.

Thank you, city, county, and state workers, who have worked 12 hour shifts for two weeks now to make our streets safer. And don't forget that this Ohio girl is actually impressed this time around. Keep up the good work!

Snow Day

Well, I got my wish! It's SNOWY here! Officially 14 inches in Tulsa, breaking a record of 12.9 inches before. I'm loving it!

Snow Day

We got all the usual things over the weekend: milk, bread, chili ingredients, water..... gas cans for the generator, ice scrapers, space heaters, hotel reservations... thankfully, the power stayed on because 1) the generator carburetor is currently "shellacked" inside because we didn't start it often enough in the last 3 years of its life and we're not mechanically inclined enough to figure it out in the midst of the emergency, and 2) the hotel is on the other side of town and we currently own a Honda Civic and a 4-door Volvo. Yeah. MAYBE 6 inches of ground clearance. But hey, it's a Hybrid! Meh. (Don't get me started.)

So, with the power on, Dish uninterrupted (Sorry, Cox. Even in the worst of storms, we've seldom had a problem. Don't miss ya a bit.), and plenty of video games for the boys, we're enjoying our snow days. They got 20+ inches out at the Port, so Brad's working from home with his laptop on his lap, his bright green headphones on (did I mention the boys were playing video games?), and a cup of freshly brewed coffee at his side.

Now, the only issue is that in all the purchasing that I did all weekend long (how many times can one go back to Walmart or Target in a weekend? And does going to a different location exempt you from feeling like you went "back" again for the 4th time?) is that I overprepared for some situations and underprepared for others. For instance, we could have fed hot chocolate to the entire neighborhood in a really warm room with two space heaters (assuming someone else had had a generator to power said space heaters) while also feeding chili and coffee to the same number of people.

BUT.... if you need real chocolate or toilet paper, time's running out. We have one bag of Aldi semisweet chocolate chips and a bottle of Hershey's syrup. That's it. The box of "family size" brownies are for some family of 2, maybe 3. They lasted all of 2 hours yesterday. Maybe.

I remember thinking, "Oh, chocolate! .... Ah, it's on the other side of the store. I'll get it at the next place." Yeah. Mm hm.

"What's this coupon? Oh, yeah. The toilet paper. Eh, we have half a package left. We'll be good. Not worth getting out of line a second time." Four rolls and counting. Glad we have boys.

So I'm off to clean up the kitchen, fold some clothes, then sit down with some sewing or knitting and enjoy our second of several snow days this week. Cuz there's NO WAY they're going back to school this week based on Tulsa's ability to deal with this much (let alone any) winter weather. But at some point, Brad'll go back to work and take the "good car" with him, so I'm going to enjoy my time now before I get back into the housework routine later this week. Moms deserve a break. Especially when they forgot to get chocolate!