Hear that? It's an attic fan, breeze, and light rain. MY WINDOWS ARE OPEN!!! Here in Tulsa, that's been a big no-no for the last few months! A "cold front" is moving in right now, and we've gone from 100+ yesterday to 70-something right now!!! Will it last? Of course not. But it sure feels good right now!!! This past month, we've hit 80 to 85 in the house by afternoon, thanks to our lovely 1950s original windows and 30ish year old a/c unit. It runs its little heart out all day long, but it never cools the house completely down when it's 100+ outside. So this rocks.

Ooh, here comes the big rain now. Ahhh... I can smell the wet dirt and pavement, too. What a way to begin the first week of school!!!! Now granted, I'm sure the teachers aren't loving the inside day b/c of the rain, but I suppose they'd be inside most of the day, anyhow, because of the heat. So it's all good.

The boys started school yesterday. It was more of a bittersweet thing for me than I thought it'd be. Was I ready for the monotony and the sheer boredom of the summer to be over? Absolutely. Am I excited about the year, the cooler weather, fall and Christmas, etc.? You bet! But for some reason, I was nervous for the boys yesterday. Maybe it was because they moved up into new areas at school this year?

Their school (an AWESOME magnet school) groups grades into different "instructional areas" so that there's a multi-age environment and a sharing of teachers, resources, etc. Both boys moved out of last year's instructional areas into new ones this year, so I guess I was apprehensive about the move. Of course, they did fine and had no problems at all. Not that I logically should have thought that they would, as it's an awesome school where we know everyone, love all the teachers, etc. And Aric left the group that Aidan entered this year, so it's not like I don't know what to expect there.

Aric's doing an accelerated math program this year, too, though, which makes me VERY excited and antsy at the same time. I LOVE math and can't wait to do his homework with him. But I have to be on top of things and make sure he's not getting in over his head or getting too frustrated. A 3rd grader doing 6th grade math could get bogged down if we're not careful.

Brad says he gets his math abilities from me. :-) Actually, his words were more like, "Wow, that's totally you. He didn't get it from me." :-) I still get flak over not becoming an electrical engineer, the profession those high school aptitude tests always said I should do. Yeah, that's where the left and right brains digressed. I wanted to sing, not engineer. I wanted to create and make art, not wire things together. "Yeah, but it would have paid off our school loans so you could do the art later." Hindsight's 20/20. Oh well. Life is still good. Sorry, babe.

Okay, Mommy has a whole hour before she has to go to work, so she's going to go play at the sewing machine for a few. And listen to the rain. And the lack of "Rescue Heroes," fighting, and "Mom, I'm hungry!" For a few hours, anyway.

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