new stuff....

Okay, so I've finally mastered zippers. A couple of these are still the "old" style, but the rest are the new and improved method, all thanks to a wonderful pattern and tutorial from Elizabeth at Oh Fransson!. Thanks, Elizabeth! She had the best ways of finishing off my pouches that I'd have never thought up if I'd spent the rest of my life dedicated to the process. And no, I'd have given up long before that, leaving the world devoid of these cute little guys! :-)

They'll be going into my Etsy shop this weekend, with more like them in the near future. Now that I'm not throwing half-finished projects across the room in frustration with yet another screwed up zipper, I've become quite addicted obsessed eager to make more. Brad will be happy, I'm sure, as I've amassed quite the fabric collection these last few months. Sorry, honey! I'll sell it, I promise!

sophie's shrug, take 4....

Once upon a time, I created my own pattern for a Louisa Harding contest. I made a little dress to go with it (for contest brownie points... they didn't work...), and my love for fabric and sewing was reborn. Because of this newly rediscovered love, my knitting took a backseat many days. So when a couple of friends asked me for the pattern to Sophie's Shrug, I cranked one out -- errors and all -- and never really got back to proofing it. Turns out it's not as easy to "whip up" a pattern as I thought. Eternal thanks goes to all those who've created well-written patterns!
Two tests and two more nicely outfitted nieces later, I still didn't have a clearly written pattern.

So when this yummy yarn from Blue Sky came in to the store, I just had to have it. It was my inspiration kick in the seat of the pants to revise the pattern. A springtime version, to boot. So begins my revision process. I'll keep ya posted on the progress...
Besides, with five nieces, each practice run should fit SOMEone!

munki love

What, you haven't spent $34 on one yard of fabric before?? Okay, neither have I... until now...
This is for a very special project which shall remain secret for now, but I just had to show off my new love: Heather Ross fabric. She has some designs available in quilting fabrics, others available only as Munki Munki pajamas. Because the artwork is so creative and adorable, the PJs are in high demand as well, selling on eBay and Etsy as "one XL sleeve" and "one left front pants panel" and so on... Very very cute. AND, for whatever strange reason, these pajamas -- which run close to $100 a pair -- have shown up in Marshall's and TJMaxx this past year for anywhere from $10 to $17!!! (Needless to say, I'd love you forever if you found some, especially the winter scenes, at your local Marshall's... just sayin'...) Used in small amounts to make it go farther, it can make a cute project elevate to a whole new level of cuteness. Or so I tell myself as I search the very same Marshall's yet again.

Does it help that I'm not keeping the whole yard, that I'm trading half of it for two more Heather Ross designs from another Heather Ross and Munki freak? Yeah, I didn't think so. Oh, well. It was worth a try.

what's a binkwaffle?

What is a binkwaffle???

A binkwaffle is a game made up between father and infant son when our youngest, Aric, was a colicky newborn. It was one of the only things that kept him happy, so the word became a permanent entry in our family's dictionary. When we needed a cute and catchy name for our birth announcement business, it seemed like a great name! Catchy, VERY original, yet memorable.