or a girl, perhaps?

So a boy's quilt wasn't up someone's alley? How about a girl's? This is a fun colorful one that was surprisingly hard to photograph. Well, I guess I shouldn't have been THAT surprised since it was in the office on a cloudy day since the back deck was all rain-soaked. This and the Shades of Blue quilt were two experiments at making an affordable standard quilt for my Etsy shop. Still working on that. Turns out a boatload of scraps still takes a long time to sew together and then to quilt. Who knew? Quilting takes time! Huh.
This one is a little larger at 42" square. I think I'll be shooting for somewhere between that and the 33" square blue one for the "Etsy standard," but both are awesomely soft, squishy, and adorable. Can a fun, squishily soft baby quilt ever be the wrong size, really?
When I uploaded pictures to Flickr, I put "Pretty in Pink" as the quilt title, which led to a discussion over whether that phrase still conjures up memories of a movie not fit for a baby girl, or if it's back to simply being a phrase. So I went with "The Bee's Knees" instead because of the bees on the fabric. Not that I ever really got that phrase. Anybody know how it originated?

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