Pillow Talk Swap Results


I'm officially sick of this weather. Too hot to do anything outside, too hot in the house (gets up to 80 indoors by mid afternoon). I was NOT created for this climate. Not by a long shot. 80 or 85 is my maximum ideal outdoor temp. And that's only for a month or two at the most. Here, we get a good 6 months above that temp, and right now we're in the triple digits and have been for a few weeks. That usually starts later in July or August, so we're really tired of the fact that it started so soon this year. Ugh.


So... instead, I've kept busy in other ways...

Like this pillow I made for my The Pillow Talk Swap partner on Flickr:
PTS Summer 2011 07

Isn't that piping around the edge great, just inside of the scrappy binding?
PTS Summer 2011 09

Here's what it looked like before I quilted it:
PTS summer 201103

Enjoy, partner!

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