Tick tock, tick tock... WHOOSH!!!

What the heck? It was in FEBRUARY when I last posted? Really??? Good grief! Okay, here's to another (how many times have I said this??) "restart" of sorts. I pseudo-fixed the looks of the blog and will keep working on it while Brad designs the one I really want. Once he's finished with his clients who actually pay him something.... Yeah, you wives of geeks know what I mean.

Our lives have been HECTIC the last month or so, filled with school activities (am I just tired at this point, or are there always more things crammed in at the end of the school year???), hockey, work and "side jobs," raised garden building, big-ol'-dirt-pile-hauling from driveway to back yard, a surprise trip to Orlando (surprised the boys at the airport!), a craft show and all that is involved with preparing for one.... So needless to say, while I've got pics out the wazoo, I've also got a house that currently resembles those on Hoarders. So I leave you with a picture while I go dig us out this morning. And afternoon. And, aw, heck. Probably all week! But I'll add pics of all our recent adventures periodically. One can't clean all week straight, right???

Until then... a Florida pic of all the cousins....

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