So, I'm in another pillow swap. Here's my mosaic of ideas for my partner this round.

Dear PTS5 partner.....

It's been a fun swap to be in each time. I always get my partner and then think, "Oh, crap! I don't know what to make THAT person!" Then of course, I always do. But not without much self doubt. So far, though, I've always been pleased with them in the end, and I've even wanted to keep one or two for myself!

So, partner, have fun! The living room looks basically like this..... (minus the brown wall. It's just too dark in there now that we have the brown sofa. It'll soon become chartreuse or aqua....)

So have fun! Pick whichever room you want to spice up, and go for it! Think texture, gemoetric, IKEA, modern, bold, etc! Save folksy, crafty, and patchworky for another time and have fun with it!

sofa panorama 2 sofa panorama

The bedroom has light aqua bedding on this IKEA bed...

Lighter aqua walls, red curtains, and soon to have the two fabric panels seen above in the living room. As soon as I have something else to put up in the living room, the others'll move.

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