Snow Day

Well, I got my wish! It's SNOWY here! Officially 14 inches in Tulsa, breaking a record of 12.9 inches before. I'm loving it!

Snow Day

We got all the usual things over the weekend: milk, bread, chili ingredients, water..... gas cans for the generator, ice scrapers, space heaters, hotel reservations... thankfully, the power stayed on because 1) the generator carburetor is currently "shellacked" inside because we didn't start it often enough in the last 3 years of its life and we're not mechanically inclined enough to figure it out in the midst of the emergency, and 2) the hotel is on the other side of town and we currently own a Honda Civic and a 4-door Volvo. Yeah. MAYBE 6 inches of ground clearance. But hey, it's a Hybrid! Meh. (Don't get me started.)

So, with the power on, Dish uninterrupted (Sorry, Cox. Even in the worst of storms, we've seldom had a problem. Don't miss ya a bit.), and plenty of video games for the boys, we're enjoying our snow days. They got 20+ inches out at the Port, so Brad's working from home with his laptop on his lap, his bright green headphones on (did I mention the boys were playing video games?), and a cup of freshly brewed coffee at his side.

Now, the only issue is that in all the purchasing that I did all weekend long (how many times can one go back to Walmart or Target in a weekend? And does going to a different location exempt you from feeling like you went "back" again for the 4th time?) is that I overprepared for some situations and underprepared for others. For instance, we could have fed hot chocolate to the entire neighborhood in a really warm room with two space heaters (assuming someone else had had a generator to power said space heaters) while also feeding chili and coffee to the same number of people.

BUT.... if you need real chocolate or toilet paper, time's running out. We have one bag of Aldi semisweet chocolate chips and a bottle of Hershey's syrup. That's it. The box of "family size" brownies are for some family of 2, maybe 3. They lasted all of 2 hours yesterday. Maybe.

I remember thinking, "Oh, chocolate! .... Ah, it's on the other side of the store. I'll get it at the next place." Yeah. Mm hm.

"What's this coupon? Oh, yeah. The toilet paper. Eh, we have half a package left. We'll be good. Not worth getting out of line a second time." Four rolls and counting. Glad we have boys.

So I'm off to clean up the kitchen, fold some clothes, then sit down with some sewing or knitting and enjoy our second of several snow days this week. Cuz there's NO WAY they're going back to school this week based on Tulsa's ability to deal with this much (let alone any) winter weather. But at some point, Brad'll go back to work and take the "good car" with him, so I'm going to enjoy my time now before I get back into the housework routine later this week. Moms deserve a break. Especially when they forgot to get chocolate!

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