Frazzled Friday

It's been two weeks since I last made contact with civilization....

Okay, it's not that bad. And it's almost over. But even though I still LOVE snow and cold weather, I have decided that I do NOT like to be stranded at home for 4 days straight. It was fun for the first couple of days and was a total license to do nothing if I wanted to do nothing.

Then it started to get annoying to pick the same blanket up off of the living room floor for the 10th time that day or trip over the snow pants and boots that didn't have a mudroom in which to hang...

The weekend was a nice break, and then it hit us again. And again, it was fun. For about a day. Now the "I'm bored.... Mom, will you play with me?.... I don't WANT to read a stupid book... Why CAN'T we sleep in the living room tonight?... I don't want to go outside.... He won't leave me alone!" has worn on my nerves for one too many days. I'm ready for things to be "normal" again.

I know that the summer is 6 times this long and is a temperature I HATE, plus I'm a strong believer in a continuous learning (year round) schedule, so this should be easy for me to handle these last 2 weeks. BUT, even though I love the weather and all, I don't like that I can't get out in it very well in my current automotive situation, and I don't like the unexpected "have fun! Your kids are home for 2 weeks!" surprise that I didn't plan for. If I'd planned out the break like I do Spring Break or Summer Break, or at least mentally prepared myself for it, I'd be better off. Not so much this week. There's no schedule. There's no list of chores or limit on the TV. This mom has kicked into survival mode for a day or two and does NOT want to play Halo Reach again, thank you very much. Moms don't do well with first person war video games. Or apparently Mario Brothers 3, World 8. "Don't do that world, Aric. Mom's not ready for it yet." Thanks.

But I did read all of my book that I got Tuesday night in anticipation of that night's snow. The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels(Why is the image so freaking huge? Don't know. Don't care to try to edit it a 4th... 5th?... time to figure it out. ) is an awesome book with a lot of insight. And comedy. And romance. And has me wishing all the more that we lived somewhere other than the middle of town. Ahh, acre or so in the "country" with a Starbucks and a Target still within 15 or 20 minutes, where are you? And nest egg that will get us that acre? Where are YOU?

This morning, I'm tidying up the not-so-tidy house (and blogging...), then we're going to see Gnomeo and Juliet before we pick Brad up from work and go order a sofa for our living room. We waited for a check from one of Brad's side web jobs, and now we're getting a sectional so that we're not all fighting for the only seats in the room. Aaah! Nice! Too bad that it'll take 2 or 3 weeks to arrive. Bummer. But the end is in sight, right? And the boys will be back in school in the meantime, so all is well. :-)

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