for haiti....or not...

I finished my first quilt today. (we won't mention the completely huge, time consuming, tedious, handsewn, and handquilted one I started in high school and finished after I got married, of which I then didn't take a single photo before I gave it away... Jamie, are you reading this? Can ya take a pic for me?).... This is my first "modern" quilt. Funky and bold fabrics, random sizes of fabric pieces, piecing on the BACK.... I discovered this blog a few months ago, and it's only pulled me deeper and deeper into the world of quilting and taking my sewing ideas to a new level. Thanks for the creativity and the inspiration, Ashley!

I donated the quilt to Craft Hope for their Etsy shop tonight. Craft Hope sends all the money (ALL of it; no administrative costs, no nuthin') from the shop to Doctors Without Borders for their work right now in Haiti. Craft Hope lists the items, buyers buy the items and pay Craft Hope, and we donors mail the buyers their items. It should be available in the next day or so, I think.

Well, they were overwhelmed with donations and with sales, and they decided to close their shop down before they got my quilt listed, so I'll donate another one when they reopen. It's on sale in my Etsy shop now. Oh, well. More time and more excused to keep sewing, right? Have to have something new for them when they reopen!
Now on to another one.... I have WAAYYY more ideas in my head than I have time in a day!! Sleep? I have to sleep?? And do the dishes? And....?

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