the anna bag

I made this bag for a good friend who's pregnant with her second baby, a girl this time. She needed something decidedly feminine, I thought. I looked at some bag pictures, measured the ones I had and liked, made notes, saw how much yardage I had of which fabric.... and voila! I love it! I will do a couple of things differently the next time around, but all in all, I think it's perfect! NOT what I can usually say for my first attempts at creating something from scratch.

And of course, as is the story for most of us creatives, I sat in our employee meeting the morning before the baby shower, sewing the changing pad's binding instead of knitting. Yeah. Creating always takes longer than you plan for it to. When will I learn?

Congratulations, Dan and Anna! And Aaron! Can't wait to see her! Hope she (and you) likes the bag! :-)

*NO idea why the mosaic maker isn't sticking a photo in that blank spot. I told it to. Computers. Can't live with them...

1 comment on "the anna bag"

  1. On the way home from the shower, Anna called me and the very first thing she said was, "You HAVE to see the bag Holly made!" She loves it. I'm glad we got to be your diaper bag guinea pigs. Thank you so much!