It's finally done!!!

I FINALLY finished up my pattern for Sophie's Shrug! Shelley made it a Loops Original pattern today, blogged about it, and will start selling it online (should be on the Loops site in a day or two), in the store, and on Ravelry. How cool is that?

I've had quite a few subjects for guinea pigs, so the pattern should be spot on. I'll be knitting one out of a bulkier yarn this next week or two so that we have an example of how it knits up with larger yarns. I made a tiny one for a coworker's baby shower, so I need to get a photo of it from her (I know. Bad Holly. Take the pics BEFORE you gift the item!) to show how small the same pattern can go on smaller needles and yarns.

The "gonna run over and take a few pics of Sophie in the newest version" idea turned into "Aunt Holly, why don't we try all of them on?" and "Aunt Holly, look! We hung a sheet on the clothesline!" instead. It was fun, though. All the poses were the girls' ideas, too. No need for prompting. Girls seem to be naturals at the art of posing. :-)

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