string quilt fun

I have another quilting style under my belt now. The String Quilt takes a long time!!! It utilizes scraps and "strings" of fabric and so doesn't cost a lot to make, assuming you have scraps galore lying around. But wow! The time involved is long. But it's fun. That's what counts, right? And the fact that it looks cool? :-)

This baby has all sorts of fabrics in it, from solid cottons and linen to Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry out-of-print prints to a rescued skirt to munki munki PJs... Tres fun. I used the paper piecing method; not sure I'd use that method again, as I had a lot of stretching and had to trim the squares again and again. Might give the washable stabilizer a try next time.

I used a wonky unplanned crooked set of lines for the quilting. I really like it! It's SOOOO much easier and quicker than mapping out the quilt lines first, although I still had a couple of fixes that had to be made because they were SO random. But very fun, nonetheless.

I'm going to put it in my Etsy shop, so if you know anyone who would like it.... well... :-)

It's approx. 38"x50" and has a 100% cotton batting in the center. Almost all of the fabrics are either 100% linen or 100% cotton. A couple of blends might be thrown in there; not sure what the skirt had in it... One's even almost a flannel, it's so soft!

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